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The first meeting of the San Angelo Radio Club was held in the summer of 1922. The membership was largely formed by curious and enthusiastic people who were excited by the possibilities of the radio communications industry and hobby that was emerging worldwide.

Our research has uncovered countless fascinating stories of San Angelo amateurs who went on to make significant impacts in the radio/television broadcast industries, radio retail commerce, and public safety radio, both locally and nationwide. Public service by local amateur radio operators is exquisitely documented in the local newspapers, including disaster response, storm spotting, civic event support, civil defense, STEM education, and promotion of the amateur radio hobby.

A significant amount of work is underway to collect and preserve these stories. If you’d like to help with that effort, or you have a story you would like us to hear and preserve, please contact us at [email protected].

Radio Pioneers of San Angelo Exhibit – January 2024

The San Angelo Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce our partnership with Angelo State University’s Mayer Museum, located on the ASU Campus.

The Club is working to curate a 2,000 ft2 museum exhibit that will tell the story of local radio pioneers, including: radio amateur operators, retail radio businesses, public safety radio innovators, and broadcast radio stations that formed in the Concho Valley area in the 1920s and 1930s. There will be artifacts from every decade of the last 100 years and some interactive displays to help illustrate how radio works. More information will come on this page and via our newsletter.

The Radio Pioneers of San Angelo exhibit is scheduled to open in January of 2024.

West Texas Collection Digital Archive

In tandem with the exhibit with the Mayer Museum, the club is also compiling all this research into a comprehensive digital archive, which will ultimately be given to Angelo State University’s West Texas Collection. The goal is to preserve the history and document the impacts of the pioneers of radio hobby/commerce upon our area. This digital archive will be collected and curated through January 2024, when it will be presented to the West Texas Collection.

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