Getting Licensed!

The San Angelo Amateur Radio Club is happy to help answer any questions you have about getting licensed for amateur radio, just email us at [email protected] with your questions. We can walk you through the process.

Can I take a class to help me prepare for the test?

Yes! Many people find that they learn better from a classroom environment than by independent study. SAARC holds test preparation classes from time to time and at no cost to participants. These classes will be announced on our website under the “Licensing Prep Class” category of our “Club News / Announcements” page.

Can I study on my own?

Absolutely! Whether you want to use the ARRL’s license study manuals or use any of the many practice test websites, passing the Technician (entry level) license test via independent study is very doable! If you can do basic math (e.g. 12 volts/6 ohms = 2 amps) and can learn various operating rules (e.g. station identification is required at the end of conversations and every 10 minutes during a conversation), you’ll pass the Technician license test in no time! Many of those who hold licenses today studied on their own and passed the test on their first attempt.

Where & when can I take a license test?

In San Angelo, test sessions for all classes of amateur radio licensing are administered 4 times per year by the local ARRL Volunteer Examiner (VE) team. If you have questions regarding a testing session, please reach out to our local VE team leader, Andrew Barth, at 325-450-3965 or by email at [email protected].

For the official published list of dates and times and locations, visit the ARRL’s exam session search tool at: and enter your zip code.

Do I need to learn Morse Code?

No. The FCC has removed the Morse Code requirements for all amateur license classes. Morse Code is still a popular mode on some frequencies, so do not feel discouraged from learning it if you want to, but it is no longer required.