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Club Station - W5QX
W5QX license plate

The club’s station, W5QX, is located in our clubhouse at 5513 Stewart Lane on the grounds of San Angelo Regional Airport (Mathis Field).  The station is equipped with a Kenwood TS-850SAT and an Alinco DX-77T for HF, an Alinco DR-130T for VHF, and a Mosley Classic 36 HF yagi on a 50-foot tower, an inverted vee for the 40 and 75 meters, and a ground plane and Ringo Ranger II for the VHF station.  The station is available at all times to club members for their operating enjoyment.

An aerial photograph of the clubhouse
The white rectangular object in the center of the photo just north of the baseball diamonds

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The W5QX QSL card

Designed by AB5BG & AA5PK
W5QX QSL card

Don/AB5BG is the W5QX QSL manager and club awards manager

View the clubhouse and club station

View photos of clubhouse construction

View the former clubhouse

View the membership in 1931

Photos from the past

Antenna party - February 7, 2004

The club used to have an annual fest - Here's the flyer

The club has installed VHF and VHF/UHF rigs (Kenwood TM-241 and TM-732A) at the National Weather Service office at Mathis Field for coordinating severe weather spotting activities and VHF (a Kenwood TM-241) and a HF (a Kenwood TS-140S supplied by the city) rig at the San Angelo Emergency Operations Center for use during training exercises and actual emergencies.

The SAARC operates two 2 meter repeaters:

The 146.94 repeater is the primary repeater for club members, local nets, transients, and weather spotting activities.  Located atop a high-rise dormitory at Angelo State University, it provides good local coverage with backup emergency power.

The 145.27 repeater, located on the western edge of town, is tied into the Southwest Lynx repeater system giving us communications to many parts of the state. The .27 repeater's antenna is located at 488 feet AGL providing wide-area coverage.  This repeater can be used locally with PL 100.0 or connected to the SW Lynx System by using PL 88.5.

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