The below contributed by Alex Papoutsas/K5CMW

Eatin' Meetin' (year unknown)
James Ingham/K5DFO (with back to wall) and Elmer Harris/W5FZY in foreground

More Eatin' Meetin'
Doc Polhemus/K5CNB at rear sitting, Art Scott/WA5RQV standing, Rick Herndon/K5FNI mid pic on left, and Alex Papoutsas/K5CMW (with hair) in foreground.

Charlie/K5JEZ fresh out of college

Will Teague/W5CX contributed the following

A couple of old newspaper clippings from 1957.  One is of the young guys and me setting up in February to warm up for Field Day coming up in June.  This one was setup in my back yard. The second was taken at Field Day, June 1957.  I got the clippings from my aunt who lives in San Angelo.  She had written our names on them and I will give you a better breakdown.

Left to right James Porter/K5IRQ, Melvin Seward/ex-K5KOP, Willis (Will) Teague/K5GKD (now W5CX),
Robert (Bob) Feller/K5OAQ, Thomas (Tommy) Watson/K5ICM (now NQ5C), Tommy
Nickels/ex-K5KSM and Sam (Sammy) Boyd/K5HDX.

Left to right: Sam Boyd/K5HDX, Will Teague/K5GKD (now W5CX), Gene Russell/K5TIE, James Porter/K5IRQ, Marcus Barnes/W5TGV (now W5CN) and in front with headphones is Robert (Bob) Metcalf/K5MGH.  Just for the record Marcus was on CW running his homebrew pair of 807s.