San Angelo Amateur Radio Club
K5AXA in the early '60s
Photo courtesy of Alex Papoutsas/K5CMW

Before the club took the call sign of deceased member Carl Brinegar/W5QX, the club station's call sign was K5AXA.  This photo was taken in the early 1960s when the clubhouse was located on Locust Street.  The clubhouse had to be moved to make room for the Houston-Harte Expressway.  The current clubhouse was built in 1977.  The Houston-Harte Expressway was finally completed in 2004!

Pictured left to right:
Roy Shoffer K4JZT
George Herridge K5IRL
Joe Crowl K5RME
Luther Page W7KSE (and son)
Marion Rivers W5RSV
Alex Papoutsas K5CMW
Dutch Graham W5CHS
Burl Keele K5RVY
Elmer Harris W5FZY


The club's call sign had been changed to W5QX by the time this photo was taken (after the clubhouse site had been closed for the expressway project)

L to R:  Ron Wilson/WB5NBQ, Elmer Harris/W5FZY and Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ 


L to R:  Bill Murphy/WA6CMJ, Phil White/K5PW (then WA5JVC), Bob Feller/K5OAQ, unidentified, and Ron Wilson/WB5NBQ

L to R:  Arnold Weathersbee/W5JXA, Joe Milam/W5UA (then WA5HSC), Mike Pettyjohn/AD5K (then WA5ESO), Bill Murphy/WA6CMJ and Phil White/K5PW (then WA5JVC)

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