San Angelo Amateur Radio Club Gear

Show your club affiliation at hamfests, public service events, etc.

Coffee mug with SAARC logo.  $3. coffee_mugs.jpg (39169 bytes)
Polo shirt with embroidered SAARC logo and your name and call sign. Assorted colors available with or without a pocket.  Sizes S-XL, $20.  (Size XXL slightly higher.) Photo
Sport shirt with SAARC logo and your name and call sign.  Assorted colors available.  $27. logo_shirt.jpg (37028 bytes)
Marble paperweight with SAARC logo engraved on a black metal plate. Limited room for engraving a call sign, name, etc. below the club logo. paperweight.jpg (47964 bytes)
One-size-fits-all cap with embroidered SAARC logo.  Assorted colors available.  $12. logo_caps.jpg (36114 bytes)

Contact the club secretary to order.


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