In the spring of 1977, club members began construction of the clubhouse at Mathis field.  The concrete slab was already in place from a World War II building that had long ago been torn down.  Nearly all of the construction materials were donated or sold to the club at a discount. Photos courtesy of Vernon Jones/WA5MWA

Preparing to build walls
(L to R) Pete Chamlee/N4MKX (ex-WB5ZAF), Glenn Miller/AA5PK (ex-WA3WEN), Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ and Noel Johnson/KE5NO

(L to R) Glenn Miller/AA5PK, Pete Chamlee/N4MKX, Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ. Noel Johnson/KE5NO

(L to R) Pete Chamlee/N4MKX, Glenn Miller/AA5PK (WA3WEN then) and Elmer Harris/W5FZY (SK)

(L to R) unidentified (UI), Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ, Glenn Miller/AA5PK and Pete Chamlee/N4MKX

Raising a wall
(L to R) Ron Wilson/WB5NBQ, Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ and Glenn Miller/AA5PK (others obscured by the wall)

Bolting the wall to the slab
(L to R) UI, Bob Feller/K5OAQ, Elmer Harris/W5FZY (SK), Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ, Glenn Miller/AA5PK and Pete Chamlee/N4MKX

Joining two stud walls
(L to R) Ron Wilson/WB5NBQ, Elmer Harris/W5FZY (SK), Bob Feller/K5OAQ, Marion Rivers/W5RSV (SK), UI and Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ

Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ and Arnold Weathersbee/W5JXA (SK)

Pre-fabricated roof trusses in place

Installing the sheathing

More sheathing work

Sheathing continues

Metal siding installed and roofing being installed

Roofing work
(L to R) UI on ladder, Noel Johnson/KE5NO and Arnold Weathersbee/W5JXA (SK)

Roofing work
On roof:  Glenn Miller/AA5PK, Marion Rivers/W5RSV (SK), Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ

Finishing up the roof


(L to R) UI, Elmer Harris/W5IFJ (SK), Alex Papoutsas/K5CMW, Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ (back to camera)

Lawrence Wright/W5IFJ
In the early '90s, as the membership expanded to over 120, it was determined a storage room and a restroom were needed.  The plan at that time was to expand the meeting area into the storage area for additional seating, if meetings continued to draw 50+ members.  A building expansion project was begun to add the restroom and a garage to consolidate storage of antennas, towers, the African Queen and other club materials that were being kept at various club members' homes..

Among the crew were N5RBW, KE5NO, WA6CMJ, N5OKQ (SK), N5WJN (SK) N5OIU (SK), AA5PK, W5IFJ, and N5DE

The extension to the slab with plumbing for the restroom.  (The city's inspection tag on the copper pipe.)

Ready for the structure to be built.

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