W5QX himself

Carl Brinegar

(Photo courtesy of Ivy Young/W5PNL)

Carl G. Brinegar was assigned the call sign "5QX" before the "W" was added to calls.  Carl was one of the early members of The San Angelo Amateur Radio Club.

Carl Brinegar/W5QX and Marion Rivers/W5RSV at ARRL Field Day 1961 with the African Queen

Courtesy of Marc Barnes/W5CN:

Through the kind help of Jim Walsh/W7LVN, Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) General Manager with access to the QCWA archives, the following history of the 5QX call sign is provided:

1)  5QX first appears in the 1922 Department of Commerce (DOC) Call Directory as issued to M.K./A.H Steddon in Oklahoma City.

2)  5QX next appears in the 1925 DOC Directory as issued to Carl G. Brinegar in San Angelo

3)  W5QX then appears in the 1928 DOC Directory.

4)  W5QX continues in later call books up to 1967 or 1968 when Carl died.

W5QX Remembrance by W5CN

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