On February 7, 2004, after years of careful planning and procrastination, the old, bent (and, as it turns out, broken) 5-element yagi on the clubhouse tower was taken down and laid to rest.  In its place, a 6-element yagi was hoisted.  Thanks to members of the Pecan Creek VFD for their assistance in the antenna party.

The following documents this momentous occasion.


John/KC5FMX (top) and Paul/N7SDQ did the climbing chores.
The bend in the boom is clearly visible.

The boom was cracked also, but that was not evident until we had it on the ground.

A new boom will be needed.

The replacement antenna, assembled and waiting to be raised.

John/KC5MFX and Paul/N7SDQ wrestle the new antenna into its resting place.

Joe/KC5ILD (left), Bob/KD5PIX, and Ken/KD5NXV contemplate disassembling the old antenna.

A steady tension on the gin pole rope was required.

Putting the finishing touches on the installation.
A quick QSO with a station operating in the Wisconsin QSO party showed all was well.
SWR on 10 and 15 is nearly flat across the band.
The antenna is tuned for the CW segment of 20, but has a decent SWR even in the phone segment.
The week after the antenna was replaced, John/KC5FMX donated/replaced the coax to the antennas.
No telling how old that stuff was.

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