Tour of Phil/W5RP's shack and antenna farm
Photos by Glenn/AA5PK
On May 9, club members met at Phil/W5RP's QTH to tour his antenna farm and radio shack.
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Tower 1
Tower 1
200 feet tall with 5-element 17 meter mono-banders at 194' and 150'; 3-element 40 meter mono-bander at 175'; 5-element 6 meter mono-banders at 130', 107', and 77', 47', 8-element 10 meter mono-banders at 125', 95', and 67'.  All booms are 48' except the 40 meter yagi which is 42'.
Tower 1
Tower 1
A view from the base
Tower 1
Tower 1
Another view from the base.  The remote antenna switches are visible at the bottom of the photo.
Tower 1
Tower 1 rotator
Tower rotator
Tower 1
Tower 1
Club members congregate at the base of the tower
Tower 2
Tower 2

200 feet tall with
5-element, 20 meter mono-banders at 195', 145', 95', and 45'; 7-element, 15 meter mono-banders at 158', 112', and 66'; 7-element, 12 meter mono-bander at 75'.  All antennas on 48' booms.  An 80 meter rotating dipole is not yet installed.
Tower 3
Tower 3
Log periodic, VHF and UHF yagis, and 40 meter loop
Lots of coax
Cable run
Cable runs from towers 1 and 2
Wind Generator
10 Mw wind generator
Wind generator with delta loop antennas.
Phil/W5RP talking towers
Phil describes the antennas, rotors, and wind generator systems.
Tower and antenna erection was done by Paul Nyland/K7PN of Custom Metal Works
The shack
The operating position
The shack
Another view of the operating position
Antenna switches
Switches to select individual or gangs of antennas on towers 1 and 2
Phil/W5RP in the shack
Phil/W5RP at the operating position.
Primary HF rig
The main HF rig
Rob/N5OIU working some DX
Rob/N5OIU tests out 20 meters
Rob/N5OIU chasing DX
Rob/N5OIU trying to break a DX pileup (with the Alpha 87A turned on).

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